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Level 4 screenies

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Well, I got alot of work done on Level 4.

I've tried to use the platforms well:

And I have some basic jumping puzzles implemented:

Finally, I mapped out where the boss fight will take place:

There are still large areas of the level that haven't been designed, but I'll get to those tomorrow.

I'm still getting the occasional "Fall through the platform" bug, which is quite annoying. I've come up with the most probable reason why those bugs are happening.

My best guess is that if the player jumps on a platform from too great a height, and since the player accelerates as it is traveling down, it completely bypasses the platforms collision rectangle. That is the only reason I can think of.
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The high-gravity-skip-through-platform is certainly possible. Perhaps you could do something like this:

Player.Draw(); // and move and all that

RECT platformRect={x, y, x+width, y+height};

RECT playerRect={player.x, player.y, player.x+player.width, player.y+player.height};

/* now, stretch the top of the player rect up high to account
for his possibly long fall and therefore be able to check if he
went clear through this platform, in which case we'd want to move
theh player all the way back up to the platform */;

// test...

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Yep, I'll probably have to do something like that in order to account for the acceleration.

BTW, you got the method and class names exactly right.

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Your Boss screen reminded me of the Endor level in "Super Return of the Jedi" for the gameboy... just thought I'd let you know[grin]

Looks good BTW, I'm waiting for the demo!

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