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So yeah...

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I want to start a side project (which will end up being my main project). I am stuck with the age old developer question: "What Language and API do I want to use?"

Details regarding the project:
1) It will use a 3D perspective.
2) I may plan to sell it, or at least make it commercial quality.
3) This will be a main portfolio piece, showcasing my best work as a designer and developer.
4) I would like to complete it in a year.

Things about me:
1) I am proficient with C/C++, C#, and Java.
2) I like object oriented programming.
3) I am confortable with Managed DirectX, I have used a moderate amount of unmanaged DirectX. I have never used OpenGL.

Gut Feelings:
1) I would like to port the game to other OS platforms if possible, but finishing the project on time is more important.
2) I have had some recent disappointing realizations of Vista, and have recently started using Linux (but still mostly Windows), thus spurring some desire to learn and use OpenGL.
3) Being infatuated with OO programming, OpenGL's syntax is a little "ugly" to me.
4) I love C#, but I have desires to port my work, and since most professional studio jobs I see require a display of C++ skills, this makes me want to use C++.

Any suggestions are welcome...please. I'm looking for some divine inspiration here! [lol]
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How about programming it in Java and OpenGL with the jMonkey Engine? The jME is a scenegraph but it comes with a lot of other useful additional stuff such as terrain (octrees), effects, collision, gui, 3D sound, CLOD, physics bindings etc. and it has an active community. OpenGL calls are abstracted away but you can still call them manually using LWJGL.

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