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Well I've just got GDNet+ so I guess I better start using my Journal [smile]

Well currently I'm doing far too many projects. The first one, which is actually going somewhere, is an HL2 Mod Valandil which I'm the lead coder on (or at least will be when the HL2 SDK is out). Valandil is a medieval-themed MP mod. I won't bother explaining it all here as it's on the site, so if you're interested go take a look.

The next project I'm working on which may be going somewhere is a 2D RPG engine written using SDL and OpenGL with LUA for scripting. It's still in the early stages so I don't have any screenshots to show off, but as soon as I get the map editor up and running I may.

I've got a few other projects as well, that I won't talk about for the moment, once I've made some progress on them though I'll post something about them here.
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