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Progress! Actual, tangible progress!

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Well, I finally managed to get up off my arse this week and get some work done.

I have the build controller for the Images created, all I have to do now is tweak the settings and finalise some of the details. The XML dictionary gets built pretty quick (the C# XML API is a beaut), and the files are then wrapped up using the LZMA compression algorithm.

7z, please work on your documentation. As it stands, it sucks. The code is largely uncommented, with nothing of significance explained. The text files you provide give a very basic overview of the file format, but they seem to be largely reminder sheets for people already familiar with the format. Personally, I have been having difficulty with them.

Right now the default values I have running are copied and pasted out of the example code. While they are grand for running some dirty tests to ensure that the method is working, its hardly giving back optimal results. I have been searching for a decent tutorial on the ins and outs of this so that I might be able to offer the user optimization settings, or play with some on the fly settings, but alas nothing yet...
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