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But... it all comes from the same place...

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Does anyone know how a company can justify selling electronic services for largely differing prices depending on where you are buying from?

Out of interest, and a desire to play with the Vista builds, I decided to take a look into the pricing of an MSDN subscription. Me being a starving student, I figured that the Operating Systems subscription was the way to go (bearing in mind that given the nature of my current project, I was also planning on looking into buying an Apple Developer Connection Select subscription).

I live in Ireland. I would expect to have to pay in Euro, especially if I need to give my address for any physical media to be sent to.

If I was to pay using the United States dollar, I would be charged $699.00 (EUR581.15 at this moment). When I use the Microsoft converstion to change the price to Euro, I'm told that I would owe EUR748.00 ($899.85).

Must have been a pretty funky exchange rate the day these prices were set...

Its an electronic service, its not costing Microsoft any more to supply the information to me than it is to someone in Delaware. The oly thing I can think of that might be causing the price to inflate so much is the different tax charges on the supplied software, but that makes no sense, as I have only told them that I live in the Eurozone and not which country so its not likely that they are looking at the tax details of where I live. The EU may have some ideas on what we should be paying, but its hardly unified. So whats the deal, I wonder? Are they simply charging me more because they can?
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