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Okay, so I have to start the application process to get into the CS degree program next week. From what I've heard, it might be a pretty selective process. And my grades are pretty selectively crap.

So I guess my only hope is to get some kind of interview or something so I can demonstrate that I already pretty much know what I'm doing.

Now, I guess the problem comes down to - I don't have much of a portfolio at this point. What I do have is a pretty nice API-independant GUI framework, a half-finished crappy OOP MySQL wrapper, and that's pretty much about it.

What's I'm really looking for are ideas, I guess - on things I should be doing to prepare myself (both knowledge-wise and portfolio-wise) for a probable interview in the coming week or two.

Any ideas?
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Call the OOP Mysql wrapper a Enterprise level framework. Useful for leveraging rapid development and increase your ROI, to create products that maximize the synergy in large workgroups.

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Make a nice 3D demo using your API independent thingy.

Stress that you used your API independent thingy, and hope they think that it let you make the 3D Demo easily.

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Heh, I haven't written a 3D graphics adapter yet. I'm still using my prototype SDL adapter to render stuff, which sadly is limited to 2D...

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