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Down, But Not Out

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Sincere apologies to anyone who still checks this journal from time to time for the lack of updates again. I was down with crashed hardware for weeks, then got injured at work in the most unbelievably idiotic accident of my life-- my chair caught on a floormat and dumped me (yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's right... I somehow managed... to fall... out of a chair... obviously I'll be attending remedial "Sitting 101: Philosophy and Methods"[rolleyes]).

I think I sidestepped a fractured tailbone and lower back injuries, but won't know for sure until I get my X-rays back this week. Honestly, it would be hilarious if the past two and a half weeks hadn't been pain soaked exercises in what it will one day be like to be elderly (like the 2 minutes to tie my shoes or get into the car... a real laugh riot[rolleyes])

Anyways, FWIW, I'm feeling a lot better and getting things underway again.

Straylight Update

Make that 78,967 ship names. [grin] I'm almost done. Some random examples: Princess of Alula Borealis, Guardian's Lore, Mysterious Veil and Sojourn's Reach.

I've just got to finish up the pirate, ethnic and mythic names before I'm happy. Right now it looks like coming up with about +100k will be a snap, and with procedurally generated ships, will really be a subtle way of expressing the sense of a large and varied galactic society.

  • Status Effects: I've been working to finish up the basics of code for procedural status effects. The core idea is that you can be affected by a wide variety of forces via technology or spatial anomalies, some of which span light years. If I can figure this out, you'll be able to negate or take advantage of these effects as you encounter them.

    As usual, more later...
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    The name generator is really awesome. The one I had going for Sunrise was like "XG" + "135" or "Kav" + "ee" + "nia". Garbage compared to your little weighted linguistic system.

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    Wow, now I'll have to resist starting a procedurally generated name algorithm of my own; it seems like a really cool little project. Are the names different enough so it doesn't seem obviously algorithmic (i.e. there aren't likely to be a whole flotilla of spacecraft called Pride of X for different X).

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I really encourage you to experiment with procedural naming if you're thinking about it. It's fun!


    Are the names different enough so it doesn't seem obviously algorithmic (i.e. there aren't likely to be a whole flotilla of spacecraft called Pride of X for different X).

    I think the names are pretty different, and one thing that really helps is sheer volume. For instance, take the ship name "Black Flame." There are about 203 "Black x..." shipnames currently (Black Dragon, Black Bounty, Black Ice, etc.); there are also 503 "... Flame" shipnames (Sirrah's Flame, Serpent Flame, Valiant Flame, etc.)

    The chance that you'll encounter a ship with either of those two words is pretty low, although the odds will change according to the action you're seeing. Right now there are more merchant ship names by volume than anything else, which is probably how it should be. But I worry about eating through pirate names, which you'd expect to happen because of their necessary mortality rate (if the player's playing on the good side).

    And I haven't even begun on ethnically correct place names, nor done much more for alien place name generation... yeesh [smile]

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    Your Straylight project seems very interesting, any more progress lately?

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