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Welcome to the Jungle

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pan narrans


Greetings. Welcome to my own little corner of GameDev. Please excuse the odour [grin]

So, what am I up to at the moment? I'm currently working on a design document for a game I'm going to be developing in my spare time over the next few years. When it's half decent I'll present it to the community for ideas and comments before I start coding.

Until then you can visit my website helidium.com for more info about me.

Here are some screenshots of a few of my previous projects:

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Recommended Comments

Is that supposed to be a grass texture on the hills in the screenshot on the top right?

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Its several layers of stuff that looks a lot better up close. It was just a quick test program I wrote anyway. Why, does it hurt your eyes? [grin]

And congratulations on being the first to belittle my work.

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I'll take your word that it looks better close up. [grin] But nice work, and keep it up!

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Impressive screenshot. Your CV is cool too. Your site-design is a bit 'common', nowadays. I call it the 'Stupid perfect DIV CSS combination'-design. [lol]

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I like the simplicity of that kind of design. Plus, I don't really have enough content to fill multiple columns and stuff. I did have a design with javascript menus, random quotes, and flashy graphics all ready to go, but it just seemed like too much gunk.

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