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A Thousand Hours

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I decided after reading GBGames's blog entry on the Thousander club, originally started by the Low Poly Cooperative, that I would also join up and see if I could accomplish a Thousand Hours of game development in a year. I'm pretty optimistic that I will be able to accomplish it. I currently work very little as I am a full time student, so my weekends are usually open to do whatever I like. If you want to become really good at something it requires a lot of practice, so that's what I'm doing. I have a couple of long term game development goals (long term as in 3+ years), as well as many short term ones. My current mid-range goal (1+ year), is to become proficient at 2D based games. I am still trying to determine what techniques I should specifically set out to learn (different algorithms, data structures, that are common etc..). I also need to work on my OOP skills, which my Java class is helping me out with a lot, even though most of my programming is in C/C++. In that regard I am working on an OO game framework using SDL. I've got a few base classes done, but I have a feeling they may be changing shortly.

I also have another blog at my website: Somewhat Structured Thougths, but it's not updated as much as this is going to be. The updates here will also be more programming specific as this is my "Developer Journal".
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Dag, yo.
Good luck at your goals! I'm looking forward to another 2D game developer.

Let me be the first to give you an honorary Rate++

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Welcome to Journal Land!

Without any knowledge of your current background, I want to make sure that you put Design Patterns on your list of things to do along your journey. Pick up a book on Design Patterns and read it cover to cover -- it will surely make you a better programmer/software engineer.

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Good luck with your goals and....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to keep yar programming hands working :)

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Wow, thanks guys. Yes Design Patterns Definitely. The only one I know is the Singleton. I've been meaning to pick up "Design Patterns" but I needed to get better at OOP. I think in a few months I just may buy it.

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