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"Batdad knows no pain, Batdad knows no fear"

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I've basically just been working on the design of level 4. I've also been working to add more moving patterns to the platforms, as well as trying to fix the platform collision bug. I think I may have fixed it, as I haven't been able to recreate it yet.

It's been hard coming up with ideas for enemies, and I've only come up with two:

Jetpack robots
Bomber planes

And to be honest, these were enemy ideas that I've had for awhile.

I also came up with a boss idea, but you'll have to wait for a screenshot before you will know what it is.

On a totally unrelated topic, I put a TV show quote as this entries title. Can anyone guess what it is from?
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Another good boss would probably be a pogo-sticking monster or something annoying like that.

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Prinz Eugn, that is correct! That was from my favorite South Park episode. Whenever they release season 9, I'm going to buy the DVD just to have that episode.

Ravuya, thanks for the enemy idea. Although it probably wouldn't be a good boss for Level 4, it would be a great enemy, because the level has alot of obstacles and terrain.

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All I will say about the new boss is this: After a two rather experimental bosses, this one will go back to basics[evil]

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I've always hated enemies which break into other enemies when destroyed.

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Have a boss that you fight at different parts of the level.. so you come to a jumping puzzle and he's there jumping around getting in your way (but you can't kill him yet) then later at a bit where he chases you and finally you meet him in the final arena to kill him?

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