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Language of the Future

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As you know, im quite interested in PL design. Apoch has been bringing up some good ideas and now others are even getting into it, so im hopeing everyone here thats interested can try to design a pure "real world language."

Ive been trying to write the "perfect language" for a long time but ive realized there is no perfect, just good, just better than whats out there. Ive also been looking in the wrong places, advanced OOP I dont think is the future, functional I dont think is the future, academic languages I dont think are the future. So what is the future? If I knew I wouldnt be writing this right now. But what I think the future is, is a language that gets things done in a very secure manner. Contracts and restrictions on existing variable types I think will be a very important feature in languages in the years to come. For example:
int[1..2*5] foo;
That guarentees the value of foo will remain between 1 and 10. What if it goes over? Im thinking an exception would be thrown or something, I havnt gotten that far.

Ive told Apoch to open a forum for the discussion of the language, heres the thread that he opened about it for anyone who is interested:
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I concur; perfection, as far as humanity is concerned, isn't really perfection at all.

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I agree that it's important to resist the siren call of "the perfect language." I certainly don't believe it is possible to build one single language that can be useful to all problem domains. However, I do think that enough problem domains overlap each other that a single language, properly approached from the ground up, should be able to have good benefits over existing languages used in each of those domains.

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