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Got down and dirty with the GUI code today - I'm revamping the event listener function prototypes so that they can choose to "eat" the event, preventing it from getting passed to any more controls.

I should have thought of that from the start - I've had to make an unbelievable amount of changes in code to achieve this.

This also gave me a chance to look over (ie, figure out) the month-old GUI code. Its really pretty complicated, now that I look back at it. I think my favorite moments were when I saw this, the hackish way the main GUI object binds itself to the EventAdapter (which acts as an abstracted interface between polling the system for events and converting those into my events). It could have been reduced in size with some typedefs, but meh. This way looks more intimidating.

The other part that made me lol was when I was debugging a bug which was causing the system to crash (an invalid iterator). I tracked the code down to a region which begins with the very helpful comment

// mess.

to which I could only reply "LOL."
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I tracked down at least four bugs in CSRPG which had the comment

// This is going to crash. Fix this before you go on

Right beside them.

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