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Are you mocking me?

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It's time for yet another mock-up!

with the radial menus now in top-form, it's time to move on to implementing the dialogue system.

the dialogue system has two parts:

1. topic presentation and selection
2. character dialogue display

in a previous post i listed a bit about how our topic system works, I've since made the 'Topic' class which has all of the necessary data, so all that is left to complete topic one is to get it all implemented with a nice visual display, here is a mock-up of how it might be implemented:

this shows the topic selector and a piece of spoken dialogue, in practice these two could never happen at the same time though.

note in the topic selector that a blue selection band is placed over the item you will be 'hovering' on, and topics that have been said before are 25% opaque, indicating they are no longer fresh.

on change from the MW dialogue display is the addition of a 'back-shadow' to help increase dialogue legibility.
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A woodchuck couldn't chuck any amount of wood because a woodchuck can't chuck wood!

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I need snarky mode.

"Where am I?"

"You're on an oddly-colored patch of sand, STUPIDHEAD!"

Three turns later, she's eaten by a grue.

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Return to Zork, scared the heck out of me when I was like 12 =/

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How does your system handle scrolling via those arrows? Does it smoothly scroll the text items around? Does the new entry fade in from black, pushing out another entry which fades away? Does it magically spit cookies out of the CD-drive? Are the cookies warm and fresh?!

(I'd never have to go to the store again)

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Three turns later, she's eaten by a grue.

It's not dark enough yet.

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I am still working on that, but i do happen to have a really cool idea surrounding it.

the worst case scenario will be 'jump' switch, but the best case will be somthing more fancy.

however when dialogue appears it will come in with a neat little animation.

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