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Curse you college work

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The annoying thing about being in college is having to do projects that do nothing but eat up any and all time you have to work on the most important thing in life, game programming. But, just to let all my fans know that I am not dead, and by all my fans I mean Sir Sapo, I am still working on my game. Progress has been slowed due to a bunch of tests and projects, but that should be all taken care of by the end of the week.

Since I haven't had time to really sit down and work on the editor, I have been taking time to work on a sub system of the editor that I did have time to work on. My engine currently has support to read files from the file system, or files stored in my own pack file system, so I work a subsystem to the engine that will automatically package all of the game's resources into a pack file when I am ready for the release, and the engine will then be able to seamlessly get the resources for that pack instead of the file system. I know, nothing ground breaking or spectacular, but at least it is progress.
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