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Press Releases, Slow News, Menus and Movie Scores

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pan narrans


My role as Minister of Propaganda (OK, "News Editor") is an interesting one.

Not only do I have an excuse to stay up to date on industry gossip, I also have a lot of responsibility for how it is presented here on our home page. The way you write a story seems to have quite a lot of effect on how it is received. I know this from reading the many, and varied, comments that they receive! Remaining neutral is sometimes quite difficult, but necessary nonetheless.

Last weeks Game Developer's Conference gave us a lot of work. The number of press releases absolutely skyrocketed as companies tried to catch the GDC wave. Often not very interesting press releases too. I lost count of the number of mobile phone companies that were touting "the next big thing".

So, as is the tradition, the week following a big event has started off fairly quiet on the news front. Everything out there in "news land" yesterday was really just a grab bag of things that didn't quite make the grade from the week before.

Global Launch of Revolution "Unnecessary" - was from last week's Nintendo keynote, but was originally overshadowed by the Zelda DS announcement and the SEGA Genesis games on the Revolution

NVidia Lands New Sony Contract - was actually a low-key, and previously overlooked, statement from last Thursday

Some of you may have noticed Tiffany's thread asking for more News Editors. If you are interested please hurry up and put yourself forward. The News Team are planning some changes to how things are done so let us know if you want to come and be a part of it.

And in other news: I'm still not happy with the menu on my website, still got some work to do there methinks; the house hunting continues, although the amount we have available has gone up unexpectedly which is nice; and finally, I recently bought some more movie soundtracks which I find are very good as background music when you are working: Finding Nemo, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Star Wars Trilogy and Blade Runner.

Roger and out.
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Recommended Comments

I like the menu. Sort of a more utilitarian version of the one at The Code Zone. You might wanna put up some different space invaders, though.

Maybe invaders from different platforms. Given that every 8-bit machine had a Space Invaders knockoff, it'd be cute to put up a half-dozen different invaders and challenge folks to figure 'em out.

Here's some Coco "Space Assault" invaders. . .

Space Armada for Intellivison (although you'll need to get a better screenshot for a grab)

Space Invaders for 2600

Alien Invaders Plus for Odyssey2

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