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Happy Birthday to Blog!

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The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog is gonna be eight years old tomorrow.

That's right, worthy supplicants. Way back in the era of the "finger" commands and dot-plan files, I was posting Game Development Wisdom of Dubious Quality(tm) peppered liberally with such greatest-hits gems as. . .

o Here's what I'm selling on ebay this week.

o Quit writing game engines, you pinhead.

and. . .

o Here's what I'm selling on ebay this week.

Eight years of that. Big congrats to me.

For my blog's birthday present, somebody must get Wil Wheaton to post a comment wishing it a happy birthday. That will make it complete.

Oh, and finally, here's what I'm selling on ebay this week.

Content, thy name is Flyman.
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"civilgrrl"? Is it just me, or does that phonetically sound like a "Civ-Ill Girl" (being, a girl who is sick of playing Civilization)? Not that there's a problem with such a name.

*goes and buys something so as not to face retribution.

EDIT: Crap, wish I saw that mini-fridge auction before it ended! >:(

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Yeah. Turns out that David Ahl gave permission for some Atari archive to put the contents of both books (and the rest of the CC books) online, so there's no longer a reason for me to keep the paper version. Property is slavery.

If you really want 'em, you can have 'em back. Thanks for the bid, though.

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