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Well apparently the people that robbed up like to keep a grudge with people that get them put in jail. In the last 3 days ive spent close to 30 hours in two different police stations filling out reports, going through lineups, etc... We have been mugged and attacked 3 times in the last three days. Who knows what comes next. Wish me luck and hope to god we dont get killed, :)
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Its all one big vicious cycle - they keep mugging you, you keep putting them behind bars, they keep getting angry, they keep mugging you... etc.

Solution? Move somewhere else >__>

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Yea if you know the Massachusetts area were moving to the rural area, Easthampton - South Hampton. Hopefully this stuff ends soon. Im already going to have to be in court for a week keeping these people in jail. There were two people in jail the first time I posted about this, there are now seven.

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