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Okay, so I've got a start on the GUI article thingy.


Any comments/suggestions/stuff-I-should-do before I continue on with the bulk of the article? Right now I've got a bloated 8 pages, but I haven't even started talking about half of the subsystems and how control types are derived to separate functionality from style :|
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The absolute first thing we should do is to throw in a virtual destructor. This is going to be base class for polymorphism, and without a virtual destructor weird stuff will happen. So don’t take the chance to forget.

Yah ... I forgot to do that when I was working on my gui system. MMGR was reporting memory leaks in std::list, and I had no clue what was going on. I lost a good 3-4 days trying to fix this problem.

Nice article. It makes me want to cleanup my gui base code.

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I'm about 2/3 of the way done through the article; I may be able to finish it off by tonight if I get all my other work done in time. Whoo whoo.

But yeah, I've made the virtual destructor mistake a couple of times too. But once it bites you in the butt, you learn to make sure it doesn't happen again :|

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