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Worse. Two. Weeks. Ever.

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So, my machine is now offically dead.

It came back to life for a while, long enuff for me to get back alot of the data I had to get for a friend, but while copying alot it finally gave up the ghost last night.

Today, after some fiddling and testing I think I can confirm the following;

- The motherboard is hosed. It started not detecting the drives again earlier, so I'm willing to say my IDE/SATA controller is shot. Upshot; I'm gonna try and RMA it, but while I argue over that I'll have to buy a new one as I've college work todo and computer failure isnt a good reason for an extension apprently (insert explitives here).

- It killed some ram [sad] One of my 4 1gig sticks is dead. I tested all the ram in another system, 3 sticks checked fine, the 4th however (closest to the CPU) was only detected as 512meg and when checking filled the screen with red. However, I might be able to RMA it with Corsair and get a replacement, huzzah!

- CPU looks to be ok, however I need to test that I guess... this either means pulling apart my dad's machine (only other socket939 in the house) or taking it on faith and putting it into my new mobo when it turns up (thursday).

- PSU looks fine. I've got my new one in my old machine now and my old suspect one is powering the machine I'm typing on and it appears to be doing fine, so I'm willing to trust it for now.

On the bright side, once this is sorted I'll have a shiney new dual-layer DVD burner to play with as I needed one while building this machine (well, a DVD drive, but it was reasonable and calling to me), so once the other is working I'll transplant things around.

Hopefully, as I'm getting the same mobo, I can just pull the old one out, put the new one in and reboot to working (with 2gig of ram for now) without having to mess with windows.

I hope.

God I hate technolgy at times.
I still dont know if it was the hard drive I had in of someone elses, bad luck or Karma catching up with me...

That sheep farming job in Wales looks better and better... at least I wont have to deal with exploding RAM there (well, I'd hope not... )

Oh, the two weeks is a reference to another bit of my life which, as a result of me being a crap human, has also been washed down the shitter for now, its all wrapped around the computer lark thus it kinda follows on from each other...

*grumbles into the sunset*
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Although the sheep farm job may not involve exploding RAM, there's an off chance it may involve exploding rams.

I'll get my coat.

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I'll get the dynamite.

Oh wait, did you not want them to explode?

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