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Short term goals

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I thought for a little while today about my goals for the near future, about 2-3 months from now, and what I want to accomplish.
I first off want to work on a variety of games and as a stepping stone into bigger and better things, first on my list are recreations of a few of my favorite classics. I am planning on doing versions of Pong, Breakout, Tetris and Asteroids. These shouldn't take me long at all todo. Pong can be made in an hour or two. These have to be polished though. Menu screen, working gameplay mechanics etc. It will also help me work out kinks in Sigma and add features that will enable me to build bigger games. I also want to add to these games as well. It's not enough to have a ball and a couple of paddles on the screen in Pong for example. I need to add my own touch to it.

After getting these out of the way I have a few other types of games I want to create. List follows:
- A shootemup of some kind.
- A side scroller
- A dungeon crawler(ala Gauntlet)
- A short RPG. (I've always liked the idea of doing an episode based game)

I have some other ideas but these should keep me busy for awhile. Having these in mind now will keep me on track and when I can't program I can be thinking about the design for these.

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