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The infinite bag of goodies we call The Inventory

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So here is a mockup of the inventory (inventory items from Morning's Wrath :D):

the inventory is brought up by a left click, or by pressing the I key.

once there it detects when your mouse has entered the window, and when it leaves it (after 1 second elapses) the window automatically shuts, this is so you dont have to actively close the window.

when inside the window you can click on an inventory item and it gets put in your hand, a right click will examine the item. you can then leave the window to use it in the game or you can click it on another item this will try to use the two items together, the results of which are defined by script.

as you can see when you hover over an item it gets a selected color, and the name of the item is placed in the lower bar, which also contains the scrolling arrows to view multiple pages of inventory.
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A bracelet ;)

hehe, remember these are items from Morning's Wrath, not Project2 =D

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<silently enters the dark corridors of EDI's Journal>
Looks really neat...
</silently enters the dark corridors of EDI's Journal>

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Feels a little bit plain for my tastes, but I've learned that simplicity also certainly holds its advantages. :)

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the inventory space is UNlimited, but you can only view one page at a time =)

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Well, considering I don't know the game, this is really just from what I've seen (what you've shown) -- the screen doesn't look like it "fits" with the theme. Like monkey island 3 used a treasure chest to "store" items. This looks a little too space aged for my liking. Let me make it clear, though, that I think its just a theme thing. The size and spacing looks perfect, as well as the layout. Its just the whole "transparent black" thing feels too space-aged for me.

Then again, I don't know the game.

Though, I like the whole "fade out with mouse out" thing. Very nice *thumbs up*

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