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Its all so Procedural!

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I have two things happening at the same time at the moment, and they are both quite procedural:

  • For our course we have to learn the basics of MatLab but typical of me I'm throwing myself well into it. Its actually a very intuitive language for hardcore maths... thingys.
    By the end of this semester each group, we've been split into 3 groups, has to make a section of a genetic algorithm. We are the section that gets all the results from the initial population test and then we have to statistically select a number of the population to be passed on for the the inheritence sorting group. Its all quite interesting- basically taking a matrix, doing random selections of rows of that matrix and passing on another matrix of the same size.

  • I'm now looking at procedural generation as one aspect of the engine. Since the engine will have huge open sections, procedural generation will be perfect to:

    • Build huge vistas in one single generation and save it to the format. This avoids man hours in sculting out the land mass
    • Keep resource files to a minimum since some of the ingame content will be generated on the fly
    • Look pro and have the current buzzwords "Procedural Generation" printed all over the engine [wink]

And thats pretty much where I am at the moment. However, when it comes down to it, I might just make a vista editor (No affiliation with Microsoft) so we have full control over the look. Either way, its quite interesting reading.

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