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Well, thanks to Raymond (EDI), I've got texture splatting working. Here it is:

The only thing I don't like is that it requires ps v2.0, but by the time I release the game, that'll be pretty much standard.

In other news, I've reworked the list from the last post:


  • Terrain based maps

  • Mouse oriented GUI

  • Mouse oriented movement

  • Simple scripting language

  • Simple item creation system

  • Multiple classes with subclasses


  • In depth skill and magic trees

  • Multiple looks for higher levels

Some of the things had to be dropped, the first being variable sized monsters (making them larger than 32x64 would require pretty large textures), but I might work in a scaling system (I'll see how it looks.) The other is the in depth skill and magic tress. This has been moved to the wish list because its not the most important thing, but there will be atleast 2 skills for each class.

This is going to be the first of a 2 part series. The first one is going to be 2D, while the second will be 3D.
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Okay, I changed the textures so that paths are more defined (just while checking out splatting, these aren't going to be my final textures.) I also added more chunks, and a larger splatmap:

Splat map

I'm using photoshop elements 3.0 to make my images.

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