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Happy birthday to blog, part two

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It's officially the Bargain Basement Blog's 8th birthday.

In celebration, I worked on standalone Shi Sen some more. It's about 90% done. I still need some better tile graphics. Probably oughta advertise for it on gamedev help-wanted.

After that, it's standalone Voracity, ChessCards, and ConFusebox.

Then probably BaffleBees and one other game. They'll be released as daily puzzles. The standalone games will be released as a six-pack for a few bucks.
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Mmmm... standalone ConFusebox.

That game is like crack, except without the minor nuisances of being illegal and requiring physical activity to enjoy.

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With 16x16 puzzles that'll take you the better part of an hour to solve.

My biggest problem is that as soon as it's playable, I'll never finish it. I'll be too busy playing it.

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I know for a fact that a 16x16 confusebox puzzle can be solved in around 4 minutes for a dedicated addict, if Hexircuit is any measure.

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