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Blizzard, the new Origin?

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On March 20 I made this post, for reference here, the note is what I am trying to bring back


Starcraft Ghost is for all effects vaporware no matter what Blizzard says, Diablo is no more, there are no plans for Starcraft 2, or a new Blizzard RTS for that matter, which is where they used to excel at.

Well, today I found out that in March 24 the announcement that StarCraft Ghost has been put on hold indefinitelly was made, there are no references about the game ever existing at Blizzard's site, so must be true.

You may notice the fact that the ONLY project Blizzard has in its hands is WoW, which brings me to another post I made on the same thread abobe:


...the revenue could be really good, but once you get into that steedy income confort zone, what incentive would move you to take a risk such as funding a new single player game? You no longer live from Game to Game, the uncertainty and stress of whether or not the game will be a success or not is no longer there, why would you want to go back to that?.

But well, I really dont know.

Now, this may be my super powers of prescience (or rather my developed skill to infer future events from past ones), but I really can see Blizzard turning into the next Origin Systems, and I am really sad for that, BUT lets hope it doesn't happen and we DO get to see StarCraft 2.
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Would you settle for the MMO "Galaxy of Starcraft"?

Seriously though, are they actually making a Starcraft 2? I could possibly understand if the Diablo line petered out, as the story was over, but I thought the Starcraft: Brood Wars single player campaign finished on a bit of a cliff-hanger suggesting there was more to come. But I haven't seen anything suggesting there's anything serious being done on Starcraft 2. It's a pity, because I'm not really into the whole MMO thing myself.

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This job posting from Blizzard seems to suggest that they at least have something in development.

The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for an exceptionally skilled Lead 3D Environmental Artist for an unannounced PC project.


Experience working on RPG titles

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Well, they have said several times that they DO intend on developing StarCraft 2 for PC, but that as of right now is just a sparkle on Mike Morhaime's eye [lol], one of the places were that was stated was the now unavailable StarCraft Ghost FAQ.

And no, I wouldn't settle for the MMO "Galaxy of Starcraft", or "World of Starcraft" (and I seriously hope thats not where Starcraft is Headed), What I want is a PC RTS StarCraft 2 dammit!! [grin].

As for the Job listing... I remember they got rid of the team behind Diablo (they closed Blizzard North) a while ago, so the listing could be old and stale, on the plus side, I guess its fair to think that after the Ghost vaporware fiasco, they'll try to keep secret future projects until they start working towards the gold master.


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