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Run Stompy run!

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I was still thinking of ideas for the enemies today, and actually coding them is my next task. (I promise!)

However, I finally got around to fixing something that has been really annoying me about the game. Whenever a level is beaten, Stompy would just teleport to the next level instantly. Obviously it's because the levels take less than a second to load, but I thought it looked pretty cheap.

So, I decided to have a very short transition scene between levels. My origional plan was to have some sort of "U teh 1!" static image onscreen for a few seconds.

However, I decided to go with a little transition screen that resembles the ones from the old pacman arcade:

What happens in these scenes is that Stompy runs from the left to the right, and when he reaches the right, the next level begins. I thought this worked great, because it's as if he's actually running to the next level (apparently through some unspecified hole in space, but whatever). In case your wondering, I actually use the in-game player object in the transition scene.

This kind of brings the question, will Stompy's Revenge have a story? The answer is, probably not.

These are the only story elements the game will have:
Transitions (already done)

I actually was laughing out loud when I came up with the game's intro. It will start with a single message:

"The Soviet Union fell in 1990..."

10 seconds later, a new message appears:

"...Or did it?"

Than the first level begins. It has nothing to do with the game at all, and that's why I thought it was so funny.

Finally, the ending would probably be Stompy doing some sort of victory jig using the ingame sprite, and than movie style credits would roll.

Anyways, I wanted to at least post one entry about this subject, so here it is.
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