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.Net TileStudio Fluff

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I know I said no more TileStudio stuff, but you're getting one more. [razz]

I've ported the C++ / SDL code from the last TileStudio entry to C# / MDX. The code is cleaner, but there's a lack of error checking. Also I had to change the output format a little( the new .tsd is there for people still keeping track ).

- Image filenames no longer have the directory attached.
- Images now have a max width of 512. Appearently MDX didn't like TileStudio's long textures.
- All values are now 32-bit int's except stings.

Le screenshot(even though it's the same level as the last one):

Le download

Also to anyone using TileStudio, there's a mistake in the documentation.


Bit 0: Upper bound
Bit 1: Left bound
Bit 2: Lower bound
Bit 3: Right bound

should read


Bit 0: Upper bound
Bit 1: Right bound
Bit 2: Lower bound
Bit 3: Left bound

Much pain this did cause. I'll never figure out why my C++ one had it right. I think I actually made a mistake, but it turned out to be right...
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I think I just messed my pants..... That's awesome man. I was considering switching over from outputing a script to outputing binary data, but was worried about if .NET would interpret a binary integer differently then a Tile Studio integer, but you seem to have figured out the correct formatting.... I love you.

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