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C# Events

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Finally got to the part of my little pet project (a MC6809E virtual machine) where I needed delegates and events, so I put them in.

The first one I put in is for the VM itself. I was previously writing text to the console based on what instructions were being processed by the VM. As time went on, I realized that this was going to have to turn into an on the fly disassembly.

So, the first event is a debug output event. This allows me to have multiple subscribers to an individual machines debug output.

The second event is a register listener. Whenever a register's value is set(not necessarily changed, just set), it's subscribers can know about it.

Together, these allow me to set up some sort of debug console, but doesn't lock me into a particular way of debugging, which is neat.

Finally, I added events to the memory addresses. And here is where I am starting to run into a minor issue that I am yet to resolve. Listening to an address being set is effectively allowing outside object to take the role that memory mapped hardware used to in actual MC6809E machines, where setting a value to a particular address would cause a signal to some other hardware.
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I have an MC6800 based kit computer from 1976 in the basement. [grin]

I'd like to see an emulator for it one day, but I'll probably have to write it myself as the only one I could find is a hunk of junk for Win9x.

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