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Oooo..a top poster am I?

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Yaay!, just had a look at the stats and noticed I've arrived onto the Top 50 rated posters (excluding moderators & Staff)....just thought I'd highlight it now before I dissapear into the gloomy depths again! [grin]
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Congrats - blame/thank the new staff members I suppose [grin]

I think I got into the Top-50 with a high 1300's rating, seems like the entry fee has gone up some 150-200 points since then [oh]

Take a screenshot just in case though, I did that when I got onto the top-50 (and when I had 1337 rating [lol]).


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Yes..the new staff members had something to do with it (kind, smart, beautiful, lovely people!)....grovel over....[grin]

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I gave you a little boost to keep you there...

(well, you do always seem very friendly)

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Aw, thanks rip-off :)

....now stop! don't want others getting jealous ya know [smile]

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I dunno...you hang around for a very looong time and then 4 ratings come along at once [smile]

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If you get rated up another 2 points i'm going to be forced to rate you down. [wink]

Hmm... looking at the stats page, if you were to rate visage and Polymorphic OOP down you could be in the top 40.

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