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I'm back baby..

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New motherboard turned up today and after an afternoon at college and my dinner I set about doing the swap, it took about an hour to get everything sorted, powered up and it all worked first time, so I'm back on WinXp x64, this time only with 2gig of RAM which blows but I should be able to RMA my blown ram with Corsair, so should be back to 4gig soon enuff.

So, now I have a machine which works properly, so after playing some games (as I've been going mad without them of late), I need to sort out the source code for More OpenGL Game Programming, which had totally slipped my mind.. then I've got 3 assignments todo and 3 weeks todo them in, no worries [grin]

I've gotta slide some programming and some manic drinking in around that as well, coz well... you just do [wink]

We also got a list of the modules we can do next year at college, I'm hoping to be able to do;
- Advanced Programming Techniques
- Computer Graphics and 3D Modeling (OpenGL, lighting, cake walk!)
- Design of Intelligent Systems (AI babeh!)
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Excellent to hear you're back alive-n-kicking [grin]

Is it really that noticeable/bad having 2gb instead of 4gb?

I've been contemplating some new hardware for later in the year, and I'll probably be going for 2 or more GB of RAM. But given that it's rare for even Windows Vista to top 800mb of 1024mb usage I'm not sure what justification I have for anything above 2gb...


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Cant say I've noticed it as yet, I've not done anything memory intensive.

Once I get doing stuff then I'll see, personally I'm of the opinion there is no such thing as too much ram, WinXPx64 can just use the extra as cache for drives and ofcourse it means less swapping with memory intensive apps.

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Only 2GB?

Suddenly with my 376MB of RAM I feel...dirty.

Aaah! The dirt, it won't come off! :P

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Well, for the last few days I've been using the following machine;

AthlonXP 2.4Ghz
1gig DDR400 ram
ATI 9800XT gfx card

I'm now on my main machine;

X2 2.2Ghz
2gig DDR333
ATI X800XT PE gfx card

I can feel the difference in responce... this system is also alot quieter and cooler *chuckles*

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I'm thinking that if I go for stupid amounts of RAM next time it'll be more of a future investment. This machine is 2-3 years old (forget exactly how old) and 1GB was huge at that time - and it's only now that I'm starting to get close to that limit. So I suppose building a system to last 2007-2009 will probably benefit from an injection in this area...


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