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Another day, another problem

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Fortunatly all of our hardships are over with. Eight men have been placed in jail and as of 11:00 PM tonight the last of our stuff gracefully left our old apartment. Now we reside in a nice suburbian section of Western Massachusetts, Easthampton. Thanks for all of your concerns, its not pleasent getting your life threatened.

Fortunatly now that life is slowly becoming more secure its time to get back into full swing of work around these parts. Unfortuantly the potential artist for KingPong has backed out, bringing the count of fallen artists to 4. Unfortunatly the hunt continues again tomorrow, wish me luck!
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Good to know you guys were able to get out of that neighborhood! Here's to peace of mind *clangs beer glass*!

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Maybe the muggers were really just after your C:KP sourcecode! :-O

(Nah; glad to hear that you're safe now, SSG.)

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It's 10 mins from me ;)

maybe you should move this way Visage ;)

im looking to add more people to our occasional gatherings =)

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For some reason I thought you were closer to Boston than me Raymond. Oh well.
The gatherings sound good and all, but I am not even in the MA area because of school. Ah well.

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