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Oh no!

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I've been stuck with a lot of work lately, and have a paper which snuck up on me. So here's a little bit of an update to keep you guys happy (sorry, no screenshot).

  1. I got a new job and will write code for it, but the regularity of the hours allow me to write better code outside of work time.
  2. Glow allows you to drop items and see them on the ground now. It's kind of ugly though. I also patched up the smoke clouds to run faster.
  3. I have the basic framework for an AI actor in the game, so we may see zombies a-shufflin' soon
  4. You guys are really mean. I know I can't draw, but... [crying]
  5. I built a new linux box to develop wacky experimental software on it. You may be pleased to see what I develop, if anything.
  6. Praise Bob

That's all for now, I'll keep you guys updated. It really irritates me to be making such slow progress: I had maybe like one day of slack and then it's back to feeling guilty and angry.
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Recommended Comments

0001) Don't worry, your screeny is purty. :)

0010) Grats on the new job.

0011) Zombies are good.

0100) Bring back Mr. Questy avatar.

0101) I like binary lists better than numerical lists.

0110) It's "Journies", not "Journeys". That's been bugging me for a long time. :P

0111) Yay for Glow!

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I am Pink, but I know thy slack

Even though you're clearly part of the Conspiracy, I'll give you some ratings points.

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