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Ahh, that was a fun 8 hours of Oblivion. Now I just need to tolerate sleep and work tomorrow, then I can return to Oblivion. Sigh. Life can get in the way of Oblivion far too much. I'll have to cut out bodily functions for a while so I can fit more Oblivion in. Food consumption alone should give me about an hour a day.

Game development? What's that?
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Thank god for oblivion. What would I do without it? Probally transcribe john coltrane's Giant steps and become the most famous trombone player ever. On second thought ...

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For the top third of that picture I actually thought it was a RL photo ^_^

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I would like to try that game out, however I don't own a XBox 360. Also, my PC couldn't probably withstand the massive power needed to run the game.

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Eh, the requirements aren't too bad [assuming you've got a DVD drive]. My relatively pokey athlon 1800/1gig/GF7800 plays it fine at 800x600 and medium detail. Still quite pretty.

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From my experience thus far, the most important part of making it playable is processor power and RAM. The game needs to load in a LOT of data constantly as you move around the massive world, so it can cause annoying freezes/hiccups as you move around the world. Even on my Radeon 9600PRO I'm sure I could've ran this at medium-low settings quite comfortably.

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