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a game?!

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Ok, so I'm FINALLY working on a game project. I started yesterday with some real basic stuff. It's going to be a small puzzle game in C# that I'm going to try and sell similar to how I'm selling EasyShots and all that.

I figured, I already have 3 programs out there, instead of using my time and energy on a fourth one (which is already in development), I'll give making a game a shot.

So here's a bit of what I know:

- Will use C# with .Net framework 2.0
- 2D puzzle/action game
- Uses DirectX (Direct3D for 2D, no HW stuff)
- Single player
- PC standalone & web version (web version will be a port, no details right now)

Here's what I have:

- A prototype game design
- A basic 2D drawing library (at 'alpha')
- A photoshop mockup of the game interface
- A high level design of the game mechanics

And that's it... I'm still thinking and writing down ideas because I currently don't know where to begin, and to me that means I have not properly planned and design the game, so opening up visual studio and programming blindly would cause this project to quickly make its way to the "incomplete" bin, instead I'm going to go plan more... way more.
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I'll post more as I get it, I've been trying to juggle quite a few other things that have slowed down the progress on this project, but I hope to be able to use this week to really crunch on this.

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