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Stephen R


I am not really sure what I'm going to use this journal for yet. Probably to keep track of the progress I make on my games and make sure that I do something each day. I have three more weeks left before school resumes so I have to get as much work on Raw done as I can. But I'm the only one who has any idea what Raw is, so lets clear that up.

Raw is the game that I am currently working on. It is a text based, multiplayer, space-trading game. It is the first game that I have designed myself and have made progress in developing. Untill now I have made clones of old games or made games that my friends came up with. This time though its all mine.

I decided to make the game text because I've never programmed a full network game before so I didn't want to worry about anything I didn't have to - that includes fancy graphics and sound. This is all about the gameplay, not the eye candy. So heres a basic description of the gameplay.

Each player upon logging into the server is presented with a world. Each world has various properties, mostly revolving around mineral resources, and surface fertility. These properties are randomly generated the first time the player logs in. The player is also presented with a fixed amount of money and transport ships, and other required goods. Now the player has to manage the planet, and trade with other planets, or use his military powers to bully other worlds. The gameplay isn't that difficult. The hard part is balancing all the differrent factors so that the game is actually fun. Thats a VERY abreviated version of my design doc, to find out specifics you are going to have to play the game [grin]

Today I implemented a feature that allows users to write different pieces of irrelevent info like planet currency name, or planetary animal for other players to view. Its basically there to fulfill the required immature fun factor.

Yay for GDNet+
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