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April Fools Prank, Obligatory Website Changes

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pan narrans


Yesterday's April fools prank went down well for the most part. If you haven't already seen it then read the following news item: EA Shape the Future of the Games Industry.

I'd planned and written it well ahead of time, and then almost forgot to post it before I went to view the house I'm thinking of buying. Most people seemed to enjoy it and see the funny side, although if you examine the comments you'll discover that there are some really humourless readers out there. Perhaps they were suckered in, and then got pissed off when they discovered it was a fake? Ah well.

The GD Dev team really got into the spirit of things too. The copyright info was edited to read "GameDev.net, the GameDev.net logo, and GDNet are trademarks of Electronic Arts" and Michalson was using the EA logo as his avatar.

Speaking of Michalson, he also provided us with a fantastic new-look Forums listing too. I was quick to add a screeny of this to the EA article and claim that it was just one of the new changes... heheheh.

Of course, I'm in for a kicking when my girlfriend finds out I made her an "EA spokeswoman"...

Moving on, it seems I just can't leave my website alone:
  • The menu has moved to directly under the banner and had a slight colour tweak to help ease the transition between the dark purple header and the white page

  • The page itself is now slightly off-white for those people who complain #ffffff will burn their retinas

  • The links are now green (the previous blue looked out of place and I wanted to carry the green of the 1Up mushroom from the header into the page)

  • The background is now a sort of lilac colour which I think goes well with both the purple header and the white page

  • There are some slight shadows either side of the page, which help the site look a little less bland when you are scrolling and both header and footer are not visible

  • And to round it all off: a new favicon and a new 88x31 link piccy

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