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Whole lotta weekend goin' on

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Yikes my kid had herself a weekend. On Friday our school had "date night", which is a party that kids can attend while parents go elsewhere. Maggie had pizza and played party games until around 10 pm while her parents went to see "Slither" at Movie Tavern.
Really fun movie, btw. Doesn't take itself seriously for a single frame. Corman would be proud.
Saturday morning, Maggie had a Pump It Up Party for one of her buddies. Later that afternoon, we met up with R, T, and D to go to Six Flags in Arlington. We recently got season passes, so it's nice to take advantage of 'em. The kids had a fine time, but both of 'em were the living dead by the time we finished. It was cute watching 'em on the kiddie rides.

R insisted that I will blog about what a value I'm getting on my 6F season passes, as I'm irrevocably drawn to do so. I didn't really feel the pull to do it originally, but what the heck.

Problem is, the season pass is such a maze of gold-versus-silver passes and parking passes (which you need because it's $15 to park), so I'm gonna do it this way (inc tax). . .

Shelly's pass - $81
Maggie's pass - $81
My pass - $91 (I got a gold pass, as it has a 25% discount on food and park-stuff, which we may never use because it's five bucks for a friggin' ice cream cone! Anyway, we figured we'd just need one of those, so we upgraded mine)
Parking pass - $50

total - $303

Number of person-visits as of 4/1 = 6 (two visits for the three of us)

Per-capita price for a visit to Six Flags = $50.50

Now then, we just need to visit 6F a couple-dozen more times by the fall, and we'll get the price down to less than a visit to the McDonald's play-land :)

R, T, and D bought passes last night, so we'll probably have plenty of opportunity over the summer to drag the kiddos over for an afternoon at the park.

The food's a friggin' fortune ($8 for a really insipid spongy microwave pizza in the food court). My biggest worry was that Maggie was gonna be a pain about food, because there's someone selling cotton candy and/or popcorn ($6 each) about every three feet. Thankfully, she's so enthralled with the rides that the expensive snacks didn't even enter her reality-bubble.

I just need to remember to avoid eating badly, because it's a golden opportunity to do so. If I'm a smart person, I'll just grab a yummy healthy Subway sandwich on the way to the park and eat it at the picnic area in the parking lot. There's plenty of walking in the park (some of it with a kid on your shoulders), so it should be reasonably good for me, as long as I remember to eat well and bring along a water bottle.

We did well at the park, but then went to "On the border" afterwards, where I ate entirely too many chips w/guacamole along with my burrito and margarita. And I had indigestion and was miserable most of the night.

Ugh, gotta curtail that. It's Subway sandwiches in the picnic area next time.
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Why didn't they have inflatable-stuff parties when I was a wee one? Ah well.

I'm old enough now that I can tell stories of playing with sharp sticks instead of bouncy castles.

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This weekend was the Girl Scout father-daughter dance. Unfortunately Phoebe was sick so she could not go. So it was me and Andie. It worked out well for me; Andie was willing to dance with me so we had a lot of fun.

Saturday we went to the school fair. Phoebe got her and Meredith's hair painted blue and purple respectively. Meredith really liked the chicks and ducklings. Jonathan simply feared them. A warrior he is not.

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