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Ok, i signed up as a member. I felt it was a good thing to do, as I like game development a lot, as well as this board. Games sublimate art, creativity, and logic in a great way.

Some information about myself now. I have a musical background, I studied Composition/Electronic Music. I created a lot of music, most was never performed. I do not feel the need to push all my work to the public, I'm fine when I think my work is fine.. so I'm kind of laidback. A had an MSX system when I was young, i was hooked to it. Discovered programming.

I live in a rural area in the Netherlands, in the middle of an ancient forest :D. Most of the material of the soil was put here at the last Ice Age. I like it here, it gives me an inspiration to compose, work, and develop.

I will put some of my games here, when they are finished. (how many times have you read that, haha..!).

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Welcome to Journal land! and here be some +

It sounds absolutley fabulous where you live btw :)

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Glad you decided to spend a bit to support GD.NET. It sounds like you've got some very interesting stuff that we'll be seeing from you on this journal. :)

Oh, and here's your traditional Entry Ratings++(tm)!

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