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Not really anything new

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Although I haven't actually finished anything new, I'm working on it. I've had a cold this whole weekend, so I've just been being lazy. Mostly sitting and playing PSP. I'm actually playing Lumines for the first time(I rented it).

I'll probably have a new enemy done by tomorrow.

However, I did rethink my design for Level 5. Before, I said Level 5 would be a WW2 style battlefield. I'm now thinking that it will be inside some sort of airship.
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Is level 5 the last level? It would be nice to finish this baby off [wink] .

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Well, my plan is to have 7 levels. Level 5 and 6 will be pretty interesting, and Level 7 will mostly be about fighting the last boss.

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I'd think about adding some cool stuff to the game that makes it more interesting for all of us who have played the first levels a gazillion times :O)

Could we have some stuff like

A) Level Timer e.g. speed runs
B) Points!
C) Sound affects and Catchphrases for fun!
D) Secret warp zones? so we in the know can skip further on our speed run the whole game :O)
E) More Vertical fun in levels!

Also I found a bug on the 2nd level... the stairs up to the boss... if you scroll two far right (e.g. walk right up to the wall instead of jumping up) then you can't move far enough back to get up the steps!!!

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Some speed run elements might be cool to have in the game. I like the idea of Mario-like warp tunnels, I just don't know where I would put them in the level.

About level 2, a friend of mine pointed that out to me awhile ago, and I forgot to fix it. Maybe I could stick a moving platform there...

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