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April Un-Fools

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Did you guys have a nice April Fools? I'm somewhat disappointed Apple didn't release anything new, but I can live with it.

In other news:
  1. I got a new job! I have to learn VB.NET for it [crying] but it pays quite well and leaves me lots of free time to work on Glow and other fun stuff.
  2. I just completed a term paper for my communications class.
  3. I'm working on Glow tonight. I'm going to add zombies, and maybe a new avatar that I was doodling out. I'll add screenshots if I get exploding zombies working with all kinds of gory blood and severed limbs.
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I think I'll be doing a lot of database glue and maintenance on in-house applications, but it appears they probably won't mind having some visualization apps done, so we'll see.

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