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El Mucho Tiredo. Si! Si!

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So after a long day of work I got home and fended off the Oblivion Urge long enough to get a big chunk of the network refactor/recode done. Things seem to work, but not enough testers were online to perform a satisfactory test of it. Tomorrow's goal (if work doesn't hinder time too much) is to get in the extra security that will prevent any potential packet spoofing, assuming the spoofer gets past the encryption that's already in place. I'm feeling safer already! :)

Then nearly 3 hours of Oblivion to reward myself for my diligent work. Started a new character -- the Spellsword just wasn't doing it -- and I'm finding this Assassin to be most rewarding. Backstabbing skeletons into pieces that scatter all over the floor, or pegging a bandit with an arrow to the head that sends them flipping over the balcony edge. Even coating my shortsword with some nice poison for some hit-and-run tactics. And the world is so bloody huge. I spent 2.5 hours in one Elven ruin. One! Some very clever traps, too. Hehe. Oh, I love this game.

Also, a friend of Draffurd's, Odin, is going to be developing our website for Skirmish Online. We've already sent him a mockup of the site and a nice in-game screeny for the main banner. Looking forward to getting the website going and a community started. Additionally, a fellow -- James -- in my Discrete Math/Geometry class happens to be a Photoshop'er, and has offered to revamp my HUD into a much cooler style than my MSPaint skills allow for. Groovy.

And now bed. No screenshots again; network code doesn't tend to produce very nice images. :P
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I like the current HUD, so I hope that when you produce a new one the option remains to keep the current one as well.

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I'll try to be on later today (Monday) around 6-8ish. Just give me a poke and I'll be there.

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