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A Picture Filled Update....

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Well Mark finally got back from his trip, and our Spring Break has finally come to a close, which means it's back to being semi-productive....

Anyways, I've been mainly recoding the rendering functions to make them more efficient, as the functions are pretty hacked together from adding and removing features and not cleaning up afterwards[grin] So far I've managed to bring the VSync-less framerate from 250 up to over 500 FPS on my home computer, so I know that I'm making progress! On the gameplay side of things, I've been doing some housework coding to get the game fully functional and playable so Mark and I can start balancing out the units, and hopefully get a demo out to you guys soon.

Mark's Concept Art
I guess during his trip Mark had a lot of spare time on his hands, so he drew up some concept art of some turrets that will be in the game, and I'm pretty impressed with how "concept-y" they look, anyways, they're pretty big files, so I'll just post one up here and give you guys the links to the rest

Turret Concept (this one is my favorite)
Turret Concept
Turret Concept

Missile Cruisers
Mark has also put together 2 Missile Cruisers, one for each main faction. The Missile Cruisers in our games are pretty much Battle Cruisers with their big guns removed and replaced with huge racks of long-range missiles in vertical launch tubes. The Missile Cruisers are meant to be used as fire-support ships, used to support an advancing fleet, or to wittle away an incoming enemy fleet from long range (assuming you detect them in time[grin]) Anyways, here are the 2 new Missile Cruisers for you guys to gaze upon:

Our Forgotten Cache of Sprites
So Mark was doing some looking at our old projects, such as Angels 20 (you guys remember Angels 20 right[wink]), and he decided to share all the sprites we never used with anyone who wants to use them! Anyways, he put together 2 .zips with sprites in them, and opened a thread in the Visual Arts forum, so if you guys want to check them out, here's the link linky

Well, thats all for now, Peace Out!
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