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o/o/ If I only had a handle... o/o/

This weekend was pretty awesome. I mean, I didn't manage to get a nice handle (about 2L) of vodka, but I still managed to enbibe an insane amount of alcohol without getting sick.

I've also started this thing where every night I chalk up the sidewalk around the dorm with notable phrases such as "Its a trap!", "FLOOR CAEK" and "Luftwaffles!". I'll get some photos of them and post them up, hopefully tommorrow. Its bloody awesome to have people shout "ITS A TRAP" while going to class. LOL

But yeah. That's basically my life - drinking and drawing lols on the sidewalk. LOL.

Send me money via paypal so I can continue this wonderful work. LOL.
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I do that too, except in the pooper instead of the sidewalk. LOL

One time I wrote 'O RLY' and somebody responded with a 'YA RLY'. LOL

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We've got a thunderstorm raging, so I wasn't able to get pics of my masterpieces. I'll draw up the O RLY owl tommorrow though, and see if anyone responds to it.

Thanks for the idea Thor. LOL.

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