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Well the weekend went 'okay', Mark St.Jean of ShoeStringGames was very productive in his help on project2,

thanks to him we've completed all of the base area maps for the first island.

however since I had to teach him how to use the system it whittled down the time I had to work on the topic menu and the inventory menu.

Couple that with the fact I had some real trouble trying to get my UI projection matrix working properly, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Since sundays are ususaly pretty filled for me lately, friday night and all day staturday is for power-coding.

When all was said and done I managed to get the background image on-screen for the topic menu (which is considerably harder to do in 3D than in 2D =/) pretty lame =/

so I definetly need to pick up the pace =/
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unless I'm much mistaken you're using Direct3D, right?

If so, putting up a background image can be done in a handful of lines using pre-transformed geometry... or am I not understanding what you've been trying to do?


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yes we are using direct3D

however we arnt using pre-transformed geometry (i want to make use of the vertex shader) and using regular 3D geometry makes the UI scale much easier.

so it's using an offset orthographic projection matrix. i was having a hell of a time getting the projection matrix to do what i wanted, and in the end i had to make a second single quad buffer with the quad origined properly to recreate the standard 0,0 top left to positive, positive bottom right coordinet space.

couple that with the fact that laying out an interactive UI from scratch is no picnic, and i didin't have much time to do it in. that is why it's being a pain in the ass.

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So i ran home during lunch and added the code to draw the 4 text items, yay for me =)

of course it's not showing /text/ yet =/

so tonight the goal is to finally port the damn font engine.

i will implement it as it's own class called a:


which can be created given a font image and a font widths file and a font shader file

it is used by executing shader-like BeginShader BeginPass EndShader commands, with multiple DrawText commands in between.

the engine will specify a couple of instances of TextRenderer, one for Dialogue, another for Tooltips, etc, they will utilize a standard set of shaders and files which can be modified per-project.

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