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Random Updates

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My modified Agent just became Listener of the Black Hand last night! It feels like I'm getting a little away from ESIV. Hopefully a little more work will get done soon.

I spent the afternoon mowing my lawn for the first time. Well, not my lawn; my mortgage company's lawn that I'm still paying for... It's odd how few people (Americans at least) make that distinction. Anyways, mowing the lawn is at least a little less tedious when it's not your parents'.

Unemployement continues.

Had an interview last week to be a technical support monkey (see rant on phone screens below). It'd only set my pay back to what I made as an entry level sysadmin (6-7 years ago), and set my career back probably 7 years... Hell, knowing my luck they won't even get me an offer. Supposed to hear back by Wednesday or so.

Two other hits on the resume over the weekend, one for a nice junior developer position. Sent in a reply and did follow up calls after lunch today. No email reply or answer to my voicemails. Yay.
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