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I'm writing a bullshit paper right now for a technical writing course, so I can't finish up the GUI article just yet. I'll have it done by the end of the week, I promise. Its getting really huge - its up to something like 25 pages right now.

I've uploaded a current draft here if you want to take a look at it, offer suggestions, post hitlar pics, etc.

I don't think it'll be longer than 50 pages though. Depends on how much more detail I cover - I'm up to the point where the core functionality is defined, and I'm going through the creation of derived control functional classes (and deriving non-abstract controls from those).

It would be awesome if it actually gets accepted though; that way I can stick it onto my application into the CS program. Because at this point the application consists of a box where I fill in my shitty GPA, and another (empty) box where I write my motivations. And it would be nice to offlink to something substantial, so that they can see I know a little bit about programmering.

Ooh, and I might actually get to take a programming course next semester! Whoo hoo. I hate college.
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That's quite the article. I read through the first two pages am definately looking forward to seeing how you conclude it.

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I'm still wondering how to - there's so much detail I can cover (even stuff I have yet to implement, like XML import/export, a GUI editor interface, etc).

At some point I'm going to have to draw a line between what's in and what's out :(

I'm glad to get some positive feedback; I've been fretting over its quality for awhile now. Oh well, we'll see what happens when I submit it. I'm expecting to get bashed in the technical review - there's a bunch of design choices/issues which are discussed which make some parts of the hidden implementation (if you use the library as-is) kind of iffy.

One of the areas are fonts, which are, at this point, completely neglected in every regard. The other is clipping rectangles - I really want to implement some kind of clipping rectangle stack... that way I can guarentee that components are clipped within the bounds of their parents (right now they can "bleed" off if they're partly off, since they won't be culled).

Other than all of those issues (and a couple of other ones) I really am enjoying this project :)

I really want to test out the added functionality tommorrow to see if I can make a MineSweeper clone using a control array :D

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