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I do very much apologize for going almost five days without so much as the smallest update to this, my Beloved Internet Paradise.

That said, now is not going to be that update. I'm currently working on the second full draft of the second chapter of Paradise -- everyone's favorite dystopian, post-nuclear, romantic, darkly comedic, dramatic psychological thriller of a book. Once this thing is done, along with a couple other requirements for the week, you can expect a nice little rambling post filled with only the most useless combination of words from the lexical abomination that I call a brain.

But, in the meantime, I would like to direct everyone with a soul to the SLiTHER uncut clips (you'll most likely want to actually be over 18; they're fairly gory and vulgar) to watch the "Bitch is Hardcore" clip. I went and saw this movie with a group of my friends on Friday night and even if it didn't gross all that well with its mere $3.7 million (it still beat Basic Instinct 2) it is still one hell of an enjoyable movie. Nathan Fillion proves once again that there's a reason he's my sole mancrush in this world. This movie was, in all honesty, one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. The credits rolled and when the lights came up in the theater I could be seen wearing some ginormous grin that made me look like a jackass. If anyone wants company, I'll go see it again with them. If you're not in Michigan, though, I do require an all-expense paid trip.

That's it for now. Sorry for this pathetic excuse of an entry.

so what the hell is there to worry about?
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