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Well, I didn't get any coding done over the weekend due to what I thought was a simple toothache, but turned out to be a infected tooth, YAY!!! Being as poor as we are, my parents couldn't take me in on saturday or sunday (since it would have been charged as emergency and cost us double.) So we had to wait until today, and so it was like 10 time worse, the infection had spread to my sinus, and my gums had swelled to the size of watermelons. So, instead of a simple prescription and I had to get my gums lanceted and drained, 2 IVs of antibiotics, plus an antibiotic prescription.

I did get a little thinking done though. I've decided that I'm going to use 3D models. I'll have more stuff to learn this way, but my animation system will be less janky with placing weapons and armor on models instead of sprites.

I'll be up all night because I have to make sure where they lanceted my gums doesn't heal (so that it continues to drain), so I'll probably have a small demo to show in the morning.
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Glad I could help out ;)! The new version is awesome! It worked perfectly for me, and I like the added features.

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