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New graphics card

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In a follow up to Sunday's entry I've now got a shiny new GeForce 6800 graphics card.

Managed to get it installed with no hassles in under 5 minutes which was a pleasent surprise. I've not fully stress-tested it yet, but it seems happy enough with my 300w PSU.

Performance wise could be a bit of a downgrade it seems - I'm gonna have to push it a bit harder before I'm sure, but initial results put it as being slower than my Radeon 9800:

3D Mark 2005
Radeon 9800 = 2463
GeForce 6800 = 2072

3D Mark 2006
GeForce 6800 = 1161
Radeon 9800 = 636

I'm pretty sure that the higher '06 score is simply due to the hardware supporting the SM3/HDR tests thus picking up points where the Radeon didn't.

Although, performance doesn't seem that much worse - and I'm happy enough to trade a bit of performance for the SM3 goodness [smile]
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3D Mark 2005
Radeon 9800 = 2463
GeForce 6800 = 2072

...um, the highend card of a generation prior to some other highend card is slower? Does anyone else see problems with these reuslts?

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Yeah, I figured one thing that could be wrong [oh]

Debug runtimes.

Yeah, I am the idiot that benchmarked a system running under the DirectX debugs [rolleyes]

Re-benched it with the retail runtimes and scored 2492. Better, but still pretty much level pegging with the 9800 (which was also on debug runtimes)...

Oh well


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