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Vista 5342

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Vista beta testers got given access to build 5342 last week, but I've been busy so I haven't had a chance to install it yet.

So this evening I erase 5308 from my boot list and do a quick format of the drive. Bye-bye Vista!

Next up I go about booting from the DVD and installing. Seems they've tided up the installer a little bit which is nice. Also seemed to get close to finishing inside of 30 minutes - which is a lot quicker than the days it took me to get 5308 installed [lol]

Although, at some point - not entirely sure when, the screen turned to garbage - the sort of garbage/noise that I've seen when graphics adapters fail. Bugger. There goes my shiny new GeForce 6800 I think.

Restart my machine and screen is still garbled. Bugger. Power-down and cold start my machine and it's fine. Phew!

Windows XP seems perfectly happy still - just ran RTHDRIBL for 30 mins and no crashes or corruption - so I figure it's gotta be something to do with Vista.

Wish me luck as I go try again - if I don't post back then I really have done some damage [oh]
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Use these new drivers 87.43 for Vista :)

They work _perfect_ for me in the latest build! :D It's quite an increase in performance too than what comes standard with the Vista install.

I think I need to start timing my install times, so I can submit those with my install report for M$. I always just let it install, and come back an hour later, and it's always ready to go.

Anyways, I hope the drivers above fix your problem.

Source: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9071

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How's the stability coming in Vista anyways? Is it at the point where it can be used for general day-to-day activities, would you say?

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I would say 9 out of 10 times, yes.

I haven't gotten a blue screen since 5270, which is great :D

I'd say that it's almost ready to become people's main desktops.

The first thing is driver support. Obviously not a lot of venders are putting out Vista drivers and supporting these as well as they should be (I'm looking at you Creative who hasn't released a driver for Vista since August 2005!)... Microsoft is giving them the tools, but they can't force them to release drivers yet.

Also there's just a few small annoyances where some programs disable Aero Glass, and it looks bleh (iTunes did it in the last build, I'll reinstall that and see if it happens again)...

Then there's also the problem of everythign annoying the heck out of you when you need to do simple tasks. I applaud Microsoft for improving security, but it's to the point of I need like 3 or 4 clicks just to create a new folder... It's insane. I pray to god every day they somehow give you a way to disable, or at the least, tone it down.

Stability wise it's great.

Program and driver wise is mediocre.

Otherwise Vista just has a few annoyances and is getting ready for being my full-blown OS :)

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Thanks for the suggestion about drivers, but the problem I described happened before I could to a state where I could install new drivers [oh]

I'm not 100% sure but it was somewhere between the end of the main install and that "please wait will windows starts" thing where it sets up all the default configs.

As for stability - rock solid in my experience. I've crashed a few programs now (mostly my fault though [wink]) and it's never once taken the whole system down with it. Seems pretty good at containing the error to the cause...

Performance is the annoyance to me. I've got a decent computer and I can zip around XP very quickly - whereas Vista is just a bit sluggish. I'm pretty sure thats just because it hasn't been properly optimized, but I'd say its the reason I haven't moved more of my work over to it..


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